More About Me

来自中国陕西宝鸡,毕业于江苏镇江船舶学院(江苏科技大学)。2003年移民加拿大后取得加拿大注册会计师资格并创立了自己的进出口贸易公司运营至今。 到北美后对房地产热情有加,坚持投资,一路从加拿大多伦多,明尼苏达的圣保罗,直到阳光之州佛罗里达的奥兰多。定居之后就爱上了这个优美,休闲, 高科技聚集的快乐之城,机遇之城,未来之城, 期望帮助每一个朋友找到心仪的家居和商业地产, 一起分享成功的喜悦。

After settling down in Toronto,
Canada with my family in 2003, I obtained my CPA designation which came in
handy when I later started my own import and export business. In parallel to my
entrepreneurial journey, I have always been interested in the North American
real estate market. My hands-on experience initially started with the Canadian
market in Toronto, then the American market in St. Paul, Minnesota and more
recently in Orlando, Florida.

Over the past eight years, Orlando
has become my forever home and I have had the chance to witness many incredible
changes. Not to mention Orlando being the top destination for retirees,
alongside booming activities in the tech, aerospace, and medical sectors, the
city attracted even more investments and young families seeking quality
education, convenient lifestyle, and year-round entertainment.

Navigating through the numerous
cities within Greater Orlando can be complex. Through my experience managing
properties in the area, I have developed an in-depth knowledge related to
residential and commercial properties in Winter Garden, Windermere, and
Clermont. If you are interested in Orlando or planning to move to the city, it
would be my pleasure to help find your dream home or the next great investment.


English, Mandarin